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Any bathroom should be designed with careful planning and execution. Without this, a bathroom will be unattractive for guests who will visit. Because of this, any owner should be aware of the most important factors to consider when designing a bathroom. Knowledge of such things will help you in achieving the bathroom ideas Canberra of your dreams.

Beautiful bathroom renovation we completed in Canberra with blue mosaic tiles

Significant aspects that you should look at  

the initial stage of any design process involves thinking about the suitable concepts that will be used in the bathroom. Therefore, a homeowner should perceive colour, proportions, and harmony as essential parts of the design.  

Combining lighting with tiles  

it is a fact that tiles are complemented by proper lighting. Lighting, in general, produces visual cues can manipulate our senses, even our way of thinking. Because of this, it is essential to employ proper lighting in your bathroom design. Failure to accommodate this principle can lead to a lousy bathroom design which can be an eyesore for your visitors. A great way to think of a fantastic tile and light combination is through contrast. You should view both elements as something that should support each other rather than neglect each other. 

Artificial lights go particularly well with dark or dimmed themes such as blacks, greys, and dark colours. This is because the warmness of lamps and chandeliers put great emphasis on the beauty of the tiles, especially when they are diffracted. On the other hand, when using or employing bright-coloured tiles such as whites, you must make use of pure natural light as much as possible since this brings a feeling of peace of mind to the visitor. Whites go well with sunlight, and such design can result in a great bathroom ideas Canberra. 

Harmony Using Tiles 

Tiles are flexible and efficient. As objects that are situated in a bathroom, they should always bring peace of mind to anyone who uses the area. A bathroom is a place where you spend your time getting ready for the challenges of a brand-new day, so it should be as relaxing as possible. By using the concept of harmony through tile repetitions, this relaxing feeling can be achieved. Tile patterns contain many repetitive structures, and the brain processes it as a soothing emotion. Because of this, having patterned tiles primarily based on geometrical shapes and lines are recommended. You can even make use of unique patterns such as brick styles or even basketweaves. 

Tile Proportions and Sizes 

The difference in proportions in bathrooms can lead to beautiful results. By setting various hierarchies in objects, you can emphasize certain areas that are unnoticed and make them pop out. In proportion control, you can make use of several materials such as fixtures and storage systems, or you can stick to one. A great way to control the perception of sizes is through tile manipulation. In general, tiles can have different shapes and sizes, so they can be layered in such a way that they act as a magnifying glass that will focus an individual view, whether it be a plant or a painting. This makes proportions important for any bathroom ideas Canberra. 

4 Unforgettable Bathroom Inspirations  

Bathrooms should be unique and customized since they must embody your style and sense of artistry. Many people will find it hard to get a bathroom concept in their head since they overthink too much. Contrary to this, there are many bathroom ideas Canberra that exists out there. Here are some of them: 

Classic Style With Stone Tiles  

The use of stone tiles is recommended and suggested by many tiling professionals around the world. As a material which boasts beauty and sophistication, any guest or visitor will be allured if you have this in your bathroom. There are many types of stone tiles, ranging from granite tiles, limestone tiles, sandstone tiles, even to the famous marble tiles. All of these tiles may be used in varied applications. But they’d still look great when installed in a wall or a ceiling. Stone tiles release a cozy and organic feeling, mainly due to their natural-looking surfaces. It is always a very good thing to be aware of this concept. It qualifies as a flexible bathroom ideas Canberra.  

Colourful Storage Objects Combined with Tiles 

Bathroom storage objects lean towards maximizing space. These simple, yet essential materials help in keeping you organized. However, many people neglect the fact that cabinets, drawers, shelves, or vanities can be used for a design idea. You can beautify such things through the power of colour schemes and contrasts. For example, if your bathroom has a dominant bright-shaded tile, you should opt for a unicolored shelf or cabinet that is dark-themed. You can also choose to follow the colour scheme; however, this will not make the storage device pop-out compared to the contrasted one. Overall, bathroom ideas Canberra are not limited to paint jobs or tile colours. You can always exercise your creativity by manipulating commonly used objects. 

One With Nature Forest Themes 

A forest theme is a great way to showcase your nature-loving side. At first glance, this concept can be subtle, but it can surely be relaxing for the eyes of your guests. This is because the brain processes green and brown colour schemes as emotions of peace and rejuvenation. For starters, a homeowner can make use of greenstone tiles to achieve a simulation of the forest canopy. You can even include pebbled tiles to simulate trails in the forest! Another great suggestion is to make use of potted plants or potted trees. Because of this, a more realistic concept is achieved.  

Harmonic Patterned Tiles 
Bathroom floor and wall tiling job done in Canberra with pattern wall tiles and herringbone pattern floor tiles

Why are tiles patterned in the first place? Well, the answer is simple. Patterns help in creating feelings of harmony and continuity. When we look at them, our brain rests easy since it can easily predict what to see in the image. As part of the bathroom design, patterned tiles bring significant benefits for visual relaxation. Many patterned tiles exist out there, such as shapes, basketweaves, or line streaks. Overall, employing this concept in your bathroom is always appreciated by visitors.

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