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Kitchens are one of the most used and essential areas of every home. Extra attention must be paid to its flooring. If you are planning to install ceramic tiles on your kitchen floor then this floor tiling Canberra guide will assist you a lot. If you ask us what tile is best for kitchen flooring, then ceramic tiles will be our answer because it helps in the design and functionality of it.  

Ceramic has been here for thousands of years and is one of the ideal materials for tiling for ages because it is cheap and readily available. It is also durable so that it will last for many years. The range of options available in its colour, design, sizes, and styles sets it apart from other tiling material because you can choose what you like and suits your kitchen. You should be aware that ceramic too has its pros and cons that you must be aware of before deciding to install it in your kitchen.

Kitchen floor tiling job done in Canberra with ceramic floor tiles

Pros of Ceramic Floor Tiling Canberra for Your Kitchen Floor 

It doesn’t harbour germs 

If you care about hygiene in your kitchen, then it’s the best material for you. You don’t have to worry about germs with ceramic kitchen flooring. Because its hard surface is resistant to germs, so they don’t stick on its surface and can easily get removed with a simple mop. Its surface can’t be penetrated by germs, so you don’t have to worry about your children or pets crawling on the ceramic floor. 


 Ceramic tiles are famous for their durability as they are crack resistant, and moisture can’t enter it. And ceramic tiles with the glazed surface have the additional advantage of protection against stains and drops. A simple mop can make them shine like new These properties makes its one of the most durable tiling material that you can install in your home either its kitchen or bathroom, living room or dining room, it will surely enhance the beauty of your home. 

Easy to clean and maintain 

As it is mentioned above, ceramic tiles are low maintenance ones. You don’t have to invest your whole day cleaning them with acids or cleaners. A simple mop with some light cleaner can easily remove any dirt or germ lying on the tile surface. If you or another in your house suffers from an allergy, then these tiles are essential for as they will help you keep dust levels as low as possible in your home. A harsh cleaner can be used for some adamant stains to make the tile shine like new. 

Wide range of styles 

The best thing about ceramic tiles is the variety of options available in its design, colours, pattern, and shapes. This assures you will be able to find the tile that suits your bathroom is according to your bathroom. You can go for some simple tiles for a classic look or get some fancy tiles for a unique look. It’s all up to your imagination.  

When you go on the venture of selecting tiles, always keep a scheme in mind. It will help if you had a plan of how to install the tiles, what should be a pattern they must be laid, so you will not end up messing it all. It would help if you tried to decorate the area around the stove by using accent tiles. If your kitchen is a little small, you can use big tiles to give it a spacious look. You should select such tile that suits even when you replace or change cabinet finish or wall paint. Grout must be in contrast to tile or of the almost same colour as tile if you want to give it a streamlined look. 

Cons of Ceramic Floor Tiling Canberra for Your Kitchen Floor 

Sealer requirements 

Sealing is one of the essential requirements for durable ceramic tiling. You can’t compromise on it if you want your ceramic tile to last years. You must check that if your ceramic tiles are glazed, then you can skip the sealing part for its installation. But if they are unglazed, then you must apply a protective sealant to block pathogens and liquid from getting inside of the tile.  

You must be aware of the instructions given for the sealant reapplication because every product has some unique properties to it. You should also note the day of sealant application, so you will know when to reapply it. Not only tiles the gout lines in between the tiles also demand a sealant to block the germs and dirt from getting inside. As grout is a porous material, the sealant is must to give it a protective covering against penetrating substances. If it gets black or dull, all you need is to clean it with a brush or cleaner to make it look new again. 

Hard surface material 

Ceramic tiles are hard. Although this hardness is the reason for its durability, it might cause you discomfort when you stand barefoot on it for an extended period like in the kitchen. You can put some soft and durable mat or pad in front of the stove or sink to make it a little more comfortable. Make sure to wash or clean these mats or pads whenever you clean the floor to stop the pathogens from spreading. 

Ceramic tiles are very poor heat retainers. They feel cold in winter if you try to walk barefoot on them. That is why they also make the place a little chilly. To avoid that, you can wear some socks or slippers or flipflops. You can also apply some heated underlayment if you live in a region where winter lasts long.  

Advantage of Ceramic Tiling

As with all things, no flooring material is without disadvantages, so it is right for floor tiling Canberra. But if you look it a whole, the advantages of ceramic tiling outweigh its disadvantages. It is the reason why it is a trendy choice for kitchen in both commercial and residential places. Residential kitchen demands ceramic tiles with hardness rating 3 or 4 while the commercial places want ceramics tile with rating 5.  

These ratings make sure that the tile is durable enough to handle the pressure of commercial places. You can use ceramic tiles for not only flooring but in kitchen backsplash also. Use a ceramic tile with rating 1 or 2 for this purpose and see how marvellous it looks. To make it more impactful try using the same in bathroom and laundry room too. Once you have installed ceramic tiles in your house, you can enjoy them for many years without any worries. 

You will floor tiling Canberra specialists as it’s very tricky and technical work. You can be happy as we have been in this business for years. We assure you that we can deliver the best results that will satisfy and impress you. Likewise, we are the most qualified and professional for laying tiles and grouting.  

We know that customer trust and satisfaction are very precious for business success.  That is why we work so hard to keep our work standards high and deliver our work effectively and efficiently. You can achieve your dream kitchen tiling with us. All you have to do is to communicate with us your needs. You can rely on us for the best possible results. We will never disappoint you for sure. 

Affordable Floor Tiling Canberra Service 

Floor tiling job we completed in Canberra with wood look ceramic floor tiles

If you are planning to do the floor and wall tiling as a hobby or to save some buck, then please don’t make this mistake. You will be astonished once you will know how much skills and energy it takes to lay a perfect floor.  

And if you hire expert floor tiling Canberra Company for the job, such as Canberra Tiling & Waterproofing, not only you will get the perfect laid floor, but we charge very little. Our affordable prices with high quality of work, makes us, our customers’ first option, for tiling work. We will save your money, time and energy both. So please don’t bother to lay tiles as a DIY project call us and let the experts handle the job.  

You can’t afford to do floor tiling now and then so don’t make a mistake while doing it. You should only ask floor tiling Canberra professionals like Canberra Tiling & Waterproofing if you want a customized tiled floor. We don’t deliver less than the best. We are not only experts in residential home tiling but commercial places, like subway tiling, too. Canberra Tiling & Waterproofing have experience in tiling large malls and grocery stores. Our floor tiling Canberra experts possess the skills and qualification to handle such projects but are also very well equipped.

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