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Marble is a classic and timeless natural stone that adds value to your home. The metamorphic rock is obtained from the mountains where it takes centuries to form under intense heat and pressure. 

Like fingerprints or snowflakes, there are no two similar pieces of marble slabs because each part is veined differently due to the unique way minerals are deposited.  

The material is available in shades of white, grey, green, yellow, gold, and pink. These vibrant colours are as a result of impurities or minerals that were present when the material was undergoing the recrystallization process.  

Kitchen tiling job done in Canberra with marble countertops

Why You Should Choose Marble Tiles for Your Kitchen 

Many people opt for marble due to the warmth, character, and beauty of the natural stone. The material is expensive due to its elegance, style, and beauty, and for that reason, most palaces use this for centuries. Marble is an upscale, luxurious choice for your kitchen and bathroom interiors but not as a flooring material. 

One drawback with marble ties is that it’s more prone to damage and requires significant maintenance than other forms of natural stones or ceramic tiles.   

Marble tiles command a higher price due to its architectural element. Therefore, it falls on the high-end range, although it’s not durable like granite, slate, and other natural stone.   

The material is easy to install because it’s not dense and is available in square and rectangular tiles. The cost of fixing them is relatively comparable to ceramic tiles, and Canberra Tiling and Waterproofing are experts in installing marble tiled countertops and backsplashes.  


Marble tiles instantly elevate the appearance of your kitchen and make it hard to imitate. The material is available in multiple colours and offers you flexible options or a variety of decorative schemes. For instance, you can cut the stone in varying sizes and shapes to create a sophisticated mosaic design.  

Being derived from the earth, marble tiles are one-of-a-kind; thus, every piece on your countertop or backsplash is unique. You can make this uniqueness more pronounced by installing multi-coloured marble for distinct features are evident from every tile. 

Types of Marble Tiles 

Tiles and countertop slabs use raw natural stone by domestic stonework companies and sold to homeowners by retailers. Therefore, these products have a commercial brand and the type of marble, but the latter is critical. 

It’s also important to be cautious when purchasing marble slabs for your countertop because of its veining. You need to place the markings strategically to create a great look. Additionally, you may also consider how different pieces can come together with or without a seam.  

You can book-match the adjacent pieces to create a mirrored appearance. To do these you can get some help of a professional from Canberra Tiling and Waterproofing.  

The following are the types of marble tiles for residential settings. 

Calacatta Marble: It’s the most expensive and luxurious type of marble. It has a bright white background with darker, thick veining patterns. You can also get a slab with a stunning gold hues veins. 

Carrara Marble: It’s a popular type of marble that is greyish-white and with soft veins, light grey. The material is economical and commonly used in most flooring applications.  

Statuary Marble: It resembles Carrara’s appearance, but it has a more dramatic veining and translucent white background. These features give the material a luxuriant feel.  

Crema Marfil Marble: The material has different colour variations, and the most common one has yellow or beige veining that varies in intensity. 

Emperador Marble: This type has different shades of brown and irregular veining. 

Levadia Black Marble: It’s a material with stunning black colour and smoke-like light grey veining. It used to make a striking statement where it is installed. 

Talathello Marble: It is known as silver beige marble because it has a light grey background and irregular veins with speckles of beige or silver.   

Types oMarble Flooring Tiles Finishes 

Honed: It’s a slightly polished marble that makes it less stunning for wet rooms and high traffic areas such as kitchen and bathrooms. These are areas that need the moderately rougher surface texture to make them non-slip. 

Polished: The material is given a high sheen finish to show off the stone’s grain and beauty. However, the finish is slippery when wet; thus, you have to use rugs to avoid falling. 

Further, you have to regularly maintain a polished marble surface to keep it looking good. That means you have to reseal it every 6-12 months with a specific sealer made for marble stone.  

Maintenance and Repair

Kitchen renovation job done in Canberra with marble floor tiles and kitchen backsplash

Marble countertops require routine maintenance once installed and is relatively easy to clean. The material is reasonably porous; thus, you should wipe the surface once the water spills. These tiles easily change colour when fluids stand or pool on it. 

This natural stone has an alkaline pH; thus, a chemical reaction will occur when it comes into contact with an acidic substance. Marble tiles’ discolouration stains are permanent, but you can avoid them by sealing the surface regularly.  

Marble is naturally soft and can easily get scrape, scratch, and chip when a sharp knife falls on it. When polish, the imperfections of the materials are more noticeable. You must replace the entire slab when damaged. 

Pros of Marble Tiles 

  • The natural stone creates elegant surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. 
  • Marble offers you an elegant, upscale appearance, thus enhancing your home value. 
  • It absorbs heat and remains cool to touch. 
  • It’s cheaper to buy and install than granite. 
  • It’s easy to clean a marble surface, for you need a soapy sponge and no abrasive or acidic cleaners. 


  • It’s a porous surface and stained easily. You should avoid harsh cleaners, acidic substances, and liquids. 
  • It’s expensive to maintain marble tiles because you have to reseal them regularly to keep them looking beautiful. 
  • Marble is a softer stone thus it can’t withstand dog claws and high heels 

Canberra Tiling and Waterproofing is an expert in tiles installation. The experts will help you select and install marble tiles on your bathroom and kitchen countertops as well as reseal it immediately after installation to make them stain-resistant. 

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