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A house is the dream of all. Indoor and outdoor decoration of a house varies and both the look and feel changes according to the tiles that we embed. Tiles are installed depending upon weather conditions. Various kinds of outdoor tiling Canberra are readily available in the market, and choosing them depends upon your budget.  

Even if you do not have a new house, there arises a case when you want a renovation of the entire house. Making and designing an interior based on our choice is always welcome, but at the same time, an outdoor area like the patios and the terrace also has equal importance. 

The architecture too keeps on changing with the trend. Changing the architecture of the house, which is already built, can be a difficult task, but changing the look and feel is easy and can be done by installing new tiles quickly.  

We must start with the outdoor tiling first because that is the first look that anyone would see from outside. Depending upon the area that you want to design, various outdoor tiles are available. The pool area can be sport an outstanding look by using some water-resistant tiles, whereas the patios can be decorated by installing hard and slip-resistant tiles. 

Outdoor tiling job done by our tiling expert in Canberra with brick pavers

How to choose the best outdoor tiling Canberra? 

Let us know step by step what things we need to know for choosing the best outdoor tiling. 

#1: The supporting climate 

For outdoor tiling, Canberra, natural materials like the travertine, marble and slate can be the best choice. This makes the outer area beautiful and at the same time, quite durable. The location which experiences more rainfall shall always prefer the tiles above. 

However, the location with warm and dry weather should go with the porcelain tiles. They can withstand even extreme temperatures. Overall geographical location matters a lot. Depending on climate change and adaptability, tiles selection shall be made. 

Climate and season might change for a particular place and hence making a choice accordingly will give you a much durable house. There are countries which experience many kinds of weather, and they do not have extreme conditions of climate all the times. In that case, all-purpose outdoor tiling Canberra is quite good. 

#2: Focus on slip-resistant tiles 

There are many slip-resistant tiles as well made for outdoor tiling Canberra, and they are fabricated tiles. They are highly slip-resistant. The pool area can be made beautiful with the installation of porcelain tiles as it is a wet area. 

The place where there is more moisture they use the fabricated tiles as they are less slippery. When high-end tiles are used, always prefer having slip-resistance as there is a risk of accidents. If the outdoor tiling Canberra is not slip-resistant, it leads to more accidents as is seen by the reports. It is the duty of all to make yourself secure inside the home. 

The porcelain tiles costing have various ranges, and it is in reach of the ordinary person as well.  It is a piece of advice to never compromise on quality under any circumstances. 

#3: Color coding 

Decide the colour of the tiles aptly so that no lousy combination is made. Anything not in harmony can spoil the look of the house entirely.  

Mostly it is seen that the colour of the house or even the tiles are not thought upon much, but they matter a lot in the beautification of the entire house. Choose a colour which is bringing the right amount of energy and positive vibes into the house. It is best to go with natural colours as they do not require any modification. 

#4: The Design of the house 

Every house has a different style, and design as each architect designs the house in a different way. Structure and colour variants are many, and choosing the outdoor tiles according to them, which completely syncs with interiors is the main outlook. 

The barbeque area is usually in the open air, and so that place can also be decorated with different kinds of outdoor tiles which are heat-resistant. If you do not have a good knowledge of the style and other designs, you can take the help of some good interior designers for it. 

#5: Budget 

Next comes the budget. It is the essential aspect of the entire outdoor tiling Canberra story.  How much is your budget to get the entire work being done? The tiles are of many variants, but how much are you willing to add is the real question. 

Many heat and slip-resistant tiles are available according to the customer’s budget, and you can choose accordingly. There is no harm in going with the economic range of outdoor tiles. Just check their durability.  

#6: The exposure of house to light 

How much light exposure is there in your house is the real concern. Light oriented areas should have dark-coloured tiles to have a beautiful look of the house. Sunlight is anyway essential for everyone’s health, and especially in a house, there should be 60% light exposure. 

Using contrast coloured tiles will give a better look than the same coloured tiles; hence it is advisable to go with reciprocating colours. 


Outdoor tiling project photo we completed in Canberra with granite tiles

Decorating the house is the dream of many and tiles play a vital role in doing it. Some people do not prefer having tiles at all the places, but the tiles give a very finishing look to the house. 

In the bathrooms, terraces and the entire home; complete décor can be enhanced with the help of tiles. Outdoor tiling Canberra must be chosen carefully to uplift the entire outlook of the house. The durability of the floor increases by using the right quality tiles. 

The types of outdoor tiles are so many and knowing each one of them will help you make a better decision in installing them. Take the help of some designers, and they will guide you as to which tiles to select and where to fix them. 

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